Exploring New (Quarantine) Horizons

Exploring New (Quarantine) Horizons

Gwen Morovitz, Editor-in-Chief

What better time is there to release a new widely loved and appreciated video game than during a global pandemic? Since the early days of Nintendo gaming systems, the “Animal Crossing” franchise has always been a hit game. Starting with a Ninendo DS platform in 2001, the video game series took off since then with Wii platforms and even more recently the Nintendo Switch. From “City Folk”, to “New Leaf”, to “Pocket Camp” and “New Horizons”, each game brings back beloved characters and tasks that continue to make this game enjoyable for all ages and people all over the world.

In “New Horizons”, your character is set to embark on a trip to a deserted island with two other campers and Tom Nook. You start the game with a tent, and an empty canvas to upgrade and evolve your island to work, function, and look however you design it.

Most of the old features are still present in this new version of the game including Nook’s Cranny, the museum, Able Sisters, and Resident Services. However, there are plenty of new features, such as crafting tools and furniture using materials found on your island, the Nook Miles program used to purchase DIY recipes for crafting, furniture pieces, and tickets to use at another new feature, the airport. Using the airport your character can take Mystery Tours and travel to nearby deserted islands to invite new villagers to your island, collect materials, and catch rare fish and insects. 

The game has included new updates every so often to keep the game ever evolving and ensure that you cannot beat or truly reach the end of progressing through the game. A new feature added on April 23 is the art exhibit in the museum, and two new shops to purchase all new items. These updates will help players remain invested in the game and give fans more to look forward to. 

During this stressful time of quarantine and social distancing, the game also has a feature to let friends visit your island to play together, which is a great way to come together with friends on an online platform without putting them or yourself at any health risk.