AP Exams Move Online for 2020


Gwen Morovitz, Editor-in-Chief

Due to the recent global pandemic of COVID-19, the College Board has agreed to allow every AP student to take their exams from home, through an online testing format. Something that has never been done before for such a crucial exam for a student’s academic success.

This decision was made after many schools across the country closed their doors for the rest of the academic year, in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus and keep students and faculty safe. 

The online format includes 2 free response questions, timed at 45 minutes to cover all of the units AP classes covered before their schools took a “coronacation”. Depending on the course, many classes saw the elimination of one or more units that couldn’t be taught in person on the final AP exam.

The College Board is working with schools and colleges to reassure students that scores will be available in July as they have every other year, and that every student’s hard work and dedication in their courses this year isn’t all for nothing. Colleges and major academic institutions will still be accepting college credit for the 2020 AP exams.

The exams will be open note, open resource (google, books, etc.) but will NOT allow cheating or communicating with other students for answers, and have been working on ways they will detect such actions. Violators of the cheating rule will have their names sent out to colleges and their current high schools for disciplinary actions and loss of potential scholarships and other academic opportunities.

The only major concern the College Board has with this new online format is ensuring every student has access to an internet accessible device in order to take these exams. 

If you or someone you know needs help accessing a device to use for their AP exams, go to cb.org/tech to fill out the form request for technology, and the College Board will do what they can to find a way for the exam to be taken regardless of the student’s situation.