Kids of Keller: What Do YOU Want People to Know About You?

Kids of Keller: What Do YOU Want People to Know About You?

Jacob Mitchell, Audrey Cook, and Emma Bauer

Finding the best in your friends is easy. Finding the best in yourself, however, can sometimes be a much harder task. If someone stopped you and asked: “what do you want people (maybe even the world) to know about you?”… what would you say? We asked a variety of students at Keller High this question and their answers spread colorfully across a board of interests.

Lauren Lents, a freshman at KHS, answered this way…

“I am fifteen years old, I like soccer, makeup, and traveling.”

And by “traveling,” she means traveling.

“The farthest I’ve traveled from the U.S. is France. My family and I walked around the French markets, and I got to listen to people speak French. I didn’t understand any of it because I wasn’t in French I yet,” Lauren said.

Lauren is also a devoted soccer player.

“I play forward, and I’ve been playing for ten years,” she said. “Scoring goals is the best.”

But there’s also another side to her, one that thrives in an outlet of self expression. This outlet is makeup.

“I like makeup because it allows you to enhance yourself to look like whatever you like and feel comfortable. We all used those little roll on lipglosses when we were five,” she added with a smile, “but I would say I really got into makeup when I was twelve or thirteen.”

Another freshman at KHS, Travis Day, shares his own take on the question.

“I want people to know I’m free spirited because I’ll have a lot more time to relate to them.”

And when he’s not engaged with his freewheeling friends, Travis can be found relaxing to the sound of a good beat.

“Music always helps [you] through the hard times… it pulls you through even in situations where it’s bad. It brings you up and when it’s good, you can listen and feel happy…”

And Travis isn’t the only KHS Student who strives to happiness. Matthew Prentiss, junior at KHS, shares how he wants other people to see him.

“I’m a pretty nice person. You could see me in the hall, and I’ll always say hi if I know you, so don’t shy away from me.”

In the stressful and frantic lives we live as high school students, it’s easy to become so focused on academics and extracurriculars that we forget about our social lives. But for Matthew, being social is at the top of his priorities.

“Oh I love makin’ new friends. I got so many friends I can’t even name them all… I wouldn’t say I’m popular, but I’m well known.”

Matthew’s friendliness hasn’t only been his staple in high school. In fact, he has been making friends since he was a kid. Back at Bear Creek Intermediate School, Matthew met other guys that he continues to call his best friends to this day.

“I usually make friends with the “funny ones” because they aren’t afraid of anything.”

Like most of us, for Matthew, living life is just better with friends, and he aims to appraoch his own life with full freedom and excitement. If people could see one thing in him, it would be a glimpse of the zeal he has for friendship and making fresh memories.

“When I turn 18, I’ll definitely go skydiving. That’s a must do, and I like to drive fast, but… you don’t have to tell my mom that.”