Just Katter in the bathroom. at a party.


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

Cool Kats, I️ have a question.

Have you seen me? Yes? No?

You have, I promise.

From the speaker, blaring any obnoxious, meme-ridden hit, screaming obscenities around the hallways, sleeping up in the theatre booth, painted pink, running from the AP’s, to spitting some badly improvised “bars” to my teachers, who usually just giggle and get over it.

People believe that I don’t care, that I live freely, that I am living my best life, and that I indeed probably have peaked in high school. There is no shame in believing that I am annoying, obnoxious, loud, rude, melodramatic, or “extra.”

However, tell that to Kätter in the bathroom.

This is not another advice column, but this is a column about me; this is something that needs to be brought to your attention.

Everyone is putting on a show for you; I hope you know that.

I hate to break it to you–I don’t listen to Rick Astley or Mariah Carey, I don’t spend my whole life looking outlandish, and as much as you want to believe it, and as much you are going to tell yourself otherwise, I have feelings that are valid and I have thoughts like every other human being.

Everyone has feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears, desires; there is no running away from it. There is no room for criticism or judgement of someone else’s desires whenever you have your own that you should tend to.

Everyone has their personality that they show to their friends: snarky, funny, quiet, anything to describe it.

But then when the door locks in the bathroom, you look at yourself in the mirror…

Think to yourself.

What do you perceive yourself as?

What do other people see you as?

Then you look back into the mirror, and you realize that the problems, the fears, maybe the anxiety you feel is the exact same thing that people all around you feel.

Through all of the negativity about judging people on who they are, why are we not trying to understand why they are the way they are?

That, my Kat’s, is what you need to think about.