Kat’s Cradle: End Your Netflix Drought!

Movies You Need to Binge Watch!

Kate Carlin, A/V Editor

End your Netflix Drought!

Here at The Wigwam, we love watching movies, and we also love procrastinating. Everyone loves cuddling up in their bed at night and watching Netflix rather than working on that English paper or worrying about your GPA. Let’s kick in those procrastination skills with three of the best movies to procrastinate to on Netflix.

With my personal commentary of course on why you should watch it.

(Warning: I am not Rotten Tomatoes or a high class movie connoisseur and I have a very biased opinion of what movies are the best. Also, these movies may have heinous language in them, I am not responsible if your virgin ears are tainted.)

1.)   Spotlight – 2015 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture.

Okay, this movie is borderline brilliant and honestly, quite underrated. The story follows writers of a specific column of the Boston Globe called “Spotlight” (hence the movie title) about convictions against Catholic priests sexually abusing children all across Boston. The acting in this movie is not too over the top, is equipped with plenty of symbols and is all based on a real story. The best thing about Spotlight is that it sets you within the Boston Globe and you feel like you are there with the writers, finding out every new bit of information about the case, which turns into a whole entire phenomenon. Also, Rachel McAdams is in this film, who also is Regina George in Mean Girls. Watch it if you want a film based off of a true story and something that is a little more sinister than what else is on this list.

2.)   Pete’s Dragon (2016)

This is easily the most underrated Disney movie that has ever been on the planet (okay, Atlantis was underrated and Wall-E AND Big Hero 6 were underrated, but that’s none of my business) and this movie moved me to tears within the first minute. This movie is about a boy named Pete (obviously) and his dragon named Elliott who live in this far out place in the woods. I will not give away any of the plot because I love this story to pieces and you just need to watch it for yourself. Anyways, the CGI graphics are brilliant, Pete’s backstory will make you cry, and the ending will tear you into pieces, no lie. Please go and watch this movie instead of working on your homework.

3.)   Ten Things I Hate About You

Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger killed this movie; legitimately murdered this movie and put every early 2000’s chick flick to shame. Watch this movie after a long night of studying and just can not sleep, its crude, crass, awkward high school atmosphere will almost make you feel like you are at home here at KHS. This movie about two sisters living in an upper-class neighborhood and have a crazy father who will not let them date, until there are a few rules switched around and things get turned a little upside down. Of course, again, I try do not give away any of the plot away. Also, fun fact, Joseph Gordon Levitt was a legit fetus in this movie and literally at the beginning of his acting career, so, that is another reason.

Well Kats, that is it. Go and procrastinate to these movies that are cringey, funny, or just plain depressing and they will make you cry in a pit of despair (I’m looking at you Pete’s Dragon). Anyways, I hope school treating all of you well and I’ll see you next issue with some more anecdotes, more suggestions, and of course, more relationship advice.

Adios, Kool Kats.