Kat’s Cradle: Relationships Part Quatre

How do Get to Know Your Crush.


Kate Carlin, A/V Editor

Ah, hello cats and kittens and everyone else in between, it is your Kool Kat Katimeer with another column about the one thing that I really have no business talking about – relationships.

How relationships work is very simple yet complicated at the same time and quite frankly, it is just a bunch of wasted time if you’re not going to spend the rest of your life with that one person. But that’s just me. If you are one of those open and gracious people who always wants someone in their life, (there’s nothing wrong with that!) here are some good pick up line ideas and a whole mundane “how to get to know your crush” column.

This applies to everyone. Guys, girls, teachers, students, this is all for you folks!

1.) DON’T be weird – This seems like a repeated tip in all of my relationship columns, but it needs to be repeated. Be yourself, but don’t the most authentic and weird version of yourself. For example, don’t tell your crush that you scream the Lion King soundtrack in the shower or that you collect their body hair so you can hopefully clone them.

There are good quirks in people and there are not so good quirks in people. We all have both of them and if you don’t believe that, well… That’s one of your bad quirks, you don’t think you have one.

Anyways, be yourself as a person but don’t weird them out.

Here’s a good word of advice, open yourself up to who you’re looking at as much as they open up to you. You don’t want to tell them all about your life when they are a closed book to you.

With that being said, you can still have conversation with people that don’t want to reveal so much about themselves.

2.) DO spend time with each other! – The absolute best way to get someone to get to know you better and to get them closer to you in a relationship or friendship is to spend time with them. You will get to know the true and real person inside of them other than what meets the eye in class or in your snap streaks. It will be a good indicator whether you actually want them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend or what not. This is why blind dating is such a horrible idea. You don’t actually know the person at all and you just magically go on a date with them. That’s a little scary if you ask me. What if they’re creepy and have a cat named Harold? Again, creepy.

3.) TEST THE WATERS – This should be the step one of any crush or any budding relationship. Talk to some of your friends or your eligible significant others (or what I like to call sig-o) friends, they will (hopefully and usually) give you an honest opinion about the person you are thinking about.

You always want to know how the person really is so you don’t get caught up in being with someone who is fake or really shallow. This is just something you don’t want.

Anyways, that is it for this issue Kool Kats, next issue will be covering date ideas and what is considered a date and what is not.

Until next time, don’t cough up any hairballs and take more cat naps.

Treat yourself.