Kat’s Kradle: Shape Up.

Get out there, sport.


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Kate Carlin, AV/Column Editor

New semester, new me! Or at least we think so; we all think that at the new semester that we will buckle down and push through the next five months of school. We simply do not just buckle down and sail on through. Sure, we are in the groove with everything going on here at KHS. But we have so many other things we now have to think about, college, for example, the next school year, or most importantly that fact that we have summer on the horizon.

This is my column for you guys, taking a break from my usual relationship columns (that probably don’t help out anyone much) to give you all a bit of inspiration to finish off the year strong, and of course, in one piece.

First off, shape up and study up. If you weren’t so hot in the first semester (especially for all of my freshmen out there worried about their GPA and National Honor Society hopefuls), then your second semester is the time to make up all of the poor grades you received during the first half of the year. It’s time for you to believe that you can do it and shoot for that 4.0 GPA.

Second off, it may be time to try out new things! You now know the ins and outs of Keller High School and the student body that has now shown you it’s true colors, so maybe you need to get in touch with your inner you. There are plenty of clubs and organizations that are looking for some new members, no matter if you’re a freshman or a senior, clubs and organizations are always looking for new people, and maybe that new person is you.

Here are some suggestions for some clubs that you can join as well as organizations you can get in touch with here. If you are into learning new languages and learning about their cultures, I would suggest you join Spanish, French, or German Club. Maybe you are into working for the student body, being a representative for your class, then Student Council may be the place for you. Are you into medicine and saving lives? Joining HOSA may be the spot for you. Are you into serving justice and being in the courtroom, being a lawyer on cases and playing the game of Justice? Mock trial may be the place for you. Or maybe you have so much spirit for your school that it is bursting out of your ears and you’re crazy and fun and have a bunch of energy? Come on over and join our Spear-it Crew; they would love you to come and run flags and be in skits for future pep rallies.

How I have managed to survive high school is through these two tips here, short typed but long lived. Underclassmen, if you do not believe that being involved in your school’s activities makes you a well rounded, prominent individual in the student body, then give it a try.

If you don’t believe me, then I will personally give you proof right here. I used to be awkward before high school, I was honestly a weird kid (still am), and now that I have actually participated in a bunch of things, I feel as if I’m ready to go out into the real world of college and the workforce, even if my GPA isn’t the greatest (however, please still work on your GPA’s) I can still say I’m a technician in the theatre department, an Indian Theatre Tribal Council Officer, an honor member of the International Thespian Society, one of the faces of NDNTV, the column and AV editor for The Wigwam (which you’re reading right now!), the chief of Spear-It Crew, and last but certainly not least, member of the Improvisation team. I have grown in my skills and have opened up the doors to so many opportunities that I would not have dreamed of having if I just sat there and thought “What if?” I went out there and I lived, and living I am.

Just do it. Shape up, try, go and get involved, and live.