Kat’s Cradle: Relationships Part Trois

Don’t stress about relationships, ladies.


Kate Carlin, A/V Editor

Lady Cats, this volume of Kat’s Cradle is for you today, and it is specifically on how you can get your very own tomcat, or should I say a “bae”.  Getting people to be interested in you as a romantic interest is much easier said than done, we all know this from the personal experience. The whole “What’s the worst they can do? They can say no, and that is that” speech will come out of a friends mouth or a parent or even a trusted adults almost every single time when you want to get someone’s attention.

Sadly, in today’s world the worst they can do is not simply say “no”. They can turn you down, tell all of their friends and make fun of you in person and on social media for being foolish to even ask them to dinner or anything in the first place, which I know none of my readers deserve any of that treatment. Which is why I have stepped into the investigation to help all of my Lady Cats with their perils of high school love, let’s look into some tips.

1.) Be OPEN! ~ Being open is the first step to letting someone into your intimate space and inner circle, to build trust with them and to get to know them more as a true person rather than just one attribute you love or an unknown pretty face they may be to you. Being open and willing to try new experiences and get out of your comfort zone and just being open about who you are to the people around you can make a world of difference of finding your person, or even finding where your true friends lie and where your heart really lies within people. Before any other tips on this list, you should always be true to who you are and not be afraid to show it.

2.) You Get What You Bargain For… ~ This is a tip that isn’t really ever brought up to people for the fact that it’s very brutal and many don’t want to hear about it. If you aren’t good to your friends, if you’re a slob, if you aren’t presenting yourself as the person you want to aspire to be, then you will not get the person you aspire to have. For example, if you are going for the class president, or a hunky-swimming guy, you have to present yourself as someone who is capable of receiving love from either of those people. Which is fairly easy to do, be nice to them, dress all nice for them, do things with their friend groups (but don’t wreck through their friend group like a crash of rhinos), don’t go around and snooping around their life and trying to pop in at the right moments, trust me, it never works.

3.) DON’T LOSE HOPE! ~ To end this list of tips, there are plenty of fish in the sea. There is a bunch of beautiful, funny, and good-hearted people out there for everyone. If you don’t find the love of your life in high school or even college for that matter, please do not think that you are not capable of being loved by someone. Because I can tell you for sure, love is so subjective, and that to someone out there, even though there are seven billion people out in the world, one of them is waiting to find a girl like you.

Alright ladies, that is all for the tips on opening up yourselves to make yourselves looking for a relationship. Next up is for the tomcats, and how they should ask out a lady, until next time kittens.

Don’t cough up too many hairballs.