Kat’s Cradle: Relationships Part Deux

Relationships, the Second Edition


Kate Carlin, A/V Editor

This is part two of the most stressful, or most rewarding, part of your life, and it all begins in high school, (or if you bloomed early and started in middle school, but who truly DATES in middle school anyway?) Today in the relationship section of our column we’re talking about how to get a boyfriend or girlfriend!

Now, listen, having a boyfriend or girlfriend is a lot of work, almost like getting a new puppy: you’ve got to feed it, take it out, love it. Honestly, having a relationship is exactly like having a dog, but if you really want to be in a relationship…

I assume the position of relationship guru and will give you tips on how to get you talking (NOT DATING! WE’RE NOT THERE YET!) to your own Troy Bolton.

1.)   DO be normal. I know, it’s tough being normal whenever your crush is sitting next to you in science and you’re feeling chemistry that isn’t nuclear or dimensional analysis (whatever it’s called, honestly.) The worst thing that can happen is notice, and then they fly to Guatemala to never be seen again, but the rational thing is that they will notice and move away from you. Then you will never have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of them again. But with all of the possibilities aside, being a little jittery around your crush is okay. We’re human and we all go through crushes and it’ll be a little hard to speak to them.

My advice to you on this point is, don’t sweat it. Easier said than done; however, it is possible and you can save all of those jitters and crazy feelings and your slurred speech for freaking out to your friends after.

2.)   DON’T be “too” yourself. Since you finally got over not being able to talk to your potential Sig-O (Significant Other, if you’re not in the loop with all the hip new terms) now you can focus on getting to know him or her and vice versa with yourself. But be warned, do not be too “yourself”, and just to add this in, don’t be too “them” either. I especially have issues with this and it is rough, let me tell you. Example, I get all weird and crazy and just, you know, floodgate open about my life and then end phone conversations in depressing anecdotes and talking about how I “am not ready for the life I am about to embark on” but quite honestly, after I get out of that mood I realize what I do wrong, I become the “artist within me” and really… Sigh. It’s rough. I need to be more heartless. ANYWAYS. Being “yourself” as in pushing yourself out there and trying to get them to become something they’re not, whether if you’re dating or just friends, it isn’t the right thing to do. People have their own interests and life stories and you two should share those experiences and stories, instead of you being infatuated with them and only let them talk, or you taking the responsibility and making yourself the key of the relationship, because we ALL know that you are not truly the key of the relationship.

And now last but certainly not least, this is my closure for this small but bulky list of tips for you.

3.)   DO be courteous. Seriously. Don’t be the person who bashes into the life of the person, especially if they already are in a relationship and have kindly (or not kindly, either way) turned you down or that day you finally realize that they are not on the market. Be nice and kind and stay away from those people in the world of relationships, and maybe one day they will open up and then fate will have its destiny sealed and you can live forever together (Together forever, forever together, same difference).

Alright, this is the normal comprehensive list for relationships IN GENERAL. Here will be specific lists (starting next week for the guys, week after for the gals) highlighting key relationship tips, with some special guests to help all of you Cool Kats to get some other cool Kats some loving.