Kat’s Cradle: Relationships

Relationships! (Part one of… I don’t know.)


Kate Carlin, A/V Editor

 Love, relationships, it’s almost like allowing a rattlesnake to bite you in the middle of the desert and to let it’s venom consume you into some weird euphoric state before you die a slow and painful death.

Alright, not EVERY relationship is like this. Well, hi again, this is Katimeer, better known as Kate and this is the column for the coolest cats in Keller. As you can tell from the title, we have the first of a series of columns working with one of the most painful and/or rewarding things of your high school career, or simply the most disgusting and horrid thing you think you can ever happen to you, getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. Yay?

This particular column in the series is outlining what exactly a high school relationship is and what NOT a high school relationship is. Now, I know what we’re all thinking here, “Ugh, my boo and I are nothing like that?! Are you crazy?” Yes, I am and simply you may not know how your relationship may seem to the outside of your two minds anyway. I will be the first to admit that there are some adorable couples, and that there’s some… well, “get a room” type of couples.

First things first (I’m the realest), we will talk about the more prominent and more frowned upon within the halls of Keller high school, the “Get a room” couples. These couples are always together, sure, it does seem right in all, they are supposedly in love and you know, be with who you want, but they have to make it known that they are completely in love and EVERYONE and their mother knows about it.  You know where this is going, the making out in the hallways, the matching shirts made by one of the parents, the long hugs before class almost like they’re not going to see each for three months or sometimes it even makes it look like they won’t see each other for years, YEARS. Anyways, this is a personal note from me if you are one of those couples and you know it, I applaud you that you know it and that you don’t care what people think about your relationship and that’s great, but please do one favor for me. No tongue in the hallways.

Well, now that’s over we can now start talking about the couples everyone thinks they are but they simply are not and that probably only 10% of high school couples ever fall into this range, the cute couples. These are the couples that you see on the playground in elementary school, knowing that they were destined for each other, the couple you see freshman year, and thinking to yourself “I should get invited to that wedding, in you know, ten or twelve years.” The couple is as mentioned before, always around each other, but they were together; you feel that they can complete each other, and if you’re friends with one of them, you’re friends with the other. The relationship that even though they part their own ways when it comes to college or there was a bump in the road a little too big, they still respect each other. It seems almost like a dream, you know?

So, do a favor for me please. If you are ever in a relationship, high school aside, not even, this is life advice. Find someone you think completes you, that compliments your personality and doesn’t consume it, find someone your friends will be proud of being friends with also, because honestly, your friends know when someone isn’t right for you before you do. Listen to the people that are close to you, and always remember to find someone who you want to be with, and be proud to show them off.

As this column comes to a close and with more to come very soon, don’t worry about being in a relationship in high school, it doesn’t make you any better than anyone else and trust me, you are not getting a leg up if you’re rushing into your first kiss.

That’s it for now Cool Cats, and please, don’t leave catnip in the hallway.