Doing Texas School While in California

Logan Wilkov, Staff Writer

Man, this year in a whole has been one for the books. I guess you can say that you may never expect what is headed towards you, and this year truly proved that this statement is truthful. I would have never imagined being forced to stay in California with my mom to complete school online from my Texas school. What an odd concept that became my reality. I don’t believe anyone saw this coming but I most certainly did not. Basically from left field you could say. 

I write this on my “last day of school” on May 15. Completing my fourth quarter of my junior year at a Texas school from California is definitely interesting, to say the least. I cannot explain the amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for my teachers in Texas. Despite there being a nation wide shutdown, they managed to connect weekly and ensure all of their students were doing alright. I can proudly say that my education has not been immensely impacted in a negative way. Yes, I may have procrastinated every week for multiple on end with completing my homework. Yes, I may have slept through a few Zoom meetings because I could barely open my eyes at 6 a.m. But I am very grateful for it all. This has forced me to become more independent with my work and manage my time more precisely and with more thought behind what I do. 

I would be lying if I said this was an easy eight-week excursion. It wasn’t, and I don’t think it was for any student. Because I am currently staying in California, I am two hours behind Texas. Many weekly Zoom calls were set for 9 or 10 a.m. in Texas, which meant I needed to be out of bed with my zit cream off my face before 7 or 8 a,m. This seemed impossible some weeks and was an accomplishment for others. To say the least, it wasn’t easy. I progressively gained knowledge on how to better my experience and progress but I really never cracked the code. 

I will continue my high school education for my senior year in Ventura, California. I will go back to my high school that I previously attended for 2.5 years. I do feel very prepared for my senior year despite how I have continued my learning from home. I think many useful skills and lessons have learned appropriately. I have become more independent with my school work. In one way, I have been forced to work from home without knowing many students from my school. Forced to complete my work without knowledge on other students in my classes opinions. And having the ability to schedule my own week from home. I am confident that I will not struggle in my senior year as a result of the online learning this quarter.


Adviser’s Note: We will miss you, Logan!