Broadcast Manager Charlene Poblete

Broadcast Manager Charlene Poblete

Charlene Poblete, Broadcast Manager

As I sit here in my house in quarantine, reminiscing on all the past memories I’ve made at Keller High, it’s unreal and weird to think that I’m going to be a so-called official adult in a couple of months. Prom was cancelled and graduation is in June, and it’s scary to think about how everything’s gonna turn out in the future, but everything’s gonna turn out alright. I just know it. 

Senior year was the year that (I think) I lived to my best potential. I mean, at least before the virus hit. I was the most reckless (yet still cared about my priorities) I think I’d ever been. However, my excuse had always been, “it’s senior year!”

From all the AP class related trauma junior year had gifted me, I yearned for the highly talked about “big break” senior year would give. Senior year was truly one for the books. This is all due to the fact that I had been given more freedom, I had a job, and a good set of confidence and friends to support me. The reason as to why I acted more rash this year was because moving in the middle of my freshman year had a bigger impact on me than I thought.

From freshman to junior year, I had struggled with who I was. Which, I think, is a common problem for every student. I still felt as if the world had something against me each day, when in reality everyone’s just minding their own business and actually just worrying about themselves in the end.

So, for all the upcoming seniors, I hope a virus or any worldly problem doesn’t affect your year. I hope you go out and be the best version of yourself each day. Don’t take anything for granted, because you really never know what might happen. Take advantage of all the opportunities in front of you, because you never know how it’ll benefit you in the future. Don’t compare yourself to other people, or try to be something you’re not. It does no good to you in the end, so make sure you’re doing things for yourself and not for someone else.

Thank you Keller High for being one of the big contributors into molding me into the person I am today. I can’t wait for what the future holds.