A Literal Facade



Koen Samuel, Assistant Editor

Very rarely do we cover international news or politics here at The Wigwam. However, this story will make your head do a double take and make you think twice. This past Monday, President Donald Trump took a foreign trip to India with First Lady Melania. They went to Ahmedabad, in the western state of Gujarat to be hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where they would host a big rally at Motera Stadium, where over 100,000 people were to attend. 

Many things about this trip were ironic. Back in October 2016, Trump made a political campaign ad targeting Indian-Americans in which he spoke one line of Hindi, very hard to understand as cited by many people who speak Hindi. Nevertheless, four years on, it seems like everything has come full circle. He finally got his chance to go to the motherland of the language. Perhaps the most ironic thing was that an individual who loves hamburgers and steaks so much went to a place where cows are sacred and it was planned he would be eating vegetarian meals. Nevertheless, he made the trip. 

But what caught many people’s attention about President Trump’s trip to India wasn’t just his mispronunciation of words or how well he would adapt to his new diet, it was what India was doing in preparation for Trump’s visit. Leading up to Trump’s arrival, they spared nothing to ensure the red carpet was rolled out for Trump, even if their plans make you scratch your head. 

Besides having hundreds of thousands of people lining the path of Trump as an entertaining welcome, officials in Gujarat wanted to ensure Trump’s ride would be a top notch experience. The first thing they did is build a six foot wall around an area of slums that Trump and his motorcade would’ve passed on their way to Motera Cricket Stadium. To me, the money they used to build the wall could’ve been used to help the people in the slums. This is like taking time to shove the things in your messy room under your bed rather than just cleaning it up.

The state of Gujarat also evicted 40 slum dwellers who were near the stadium, I can understand ensuring security for a foreign leaders visit. However, it seems like with these actions they were just trying to hide their poverty. I have no problems with trying to give pleasantries and make a foreign leader’s visit as majestical as possible, but changing yourselves by putting up a literal f

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I guess this what it takes to put on a good show. But on the bright side, at least President Trump got to brush up on his Hindi, and it seems like he and Prime Minister Modi had a great time.


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