Staff Writer Maggie Coleman

Staff Writer Maggie Coleman

It sounds cheesy, but I really can’t believe I’m close to graduating. It’s extremely satisfying to see all the hard work, sleepless nights, and tests taken amount to something productive and rewarding. I can still remember walking into Keller on my first day of freshman year, being so nervous of the unknown, yet so excited to finally be grown up. If only I’d known what the next four years would bring. There were plenty of ups and plenty of downs, but frankly, I’m so proud of myself for shining and persevering through it all.

Freshman year — Transition years are always tough, but freshmen year was memorable because of all the new friendships I made. The beginning of the next four years.

Sophomore year — Finding my niche at Keller (and getting my license!!) made for a year filled with lots of laughs and memories I’ll cherish forever. One of my favorite years of high school.

Junior year — I don’t know who told me this was a good idea, but I decided to take ALL AP CLASSES. This made for quite the memorable year. Definitely the point in my life that I was the most stressed, but also the year that I grew the most as a person. Encountering hardships my junior year taught me the importance of perseverance and helped me mature as a human. Not to mention, I got some college while at it!

Senior year — Definitely my most fun-filled year yet! I’ve had so much fun partaking in all the senior festivities and getting to enjoy my last year as a high schooler. This year I’ve felt the most bittersweet — getting to finally move onto college is exciting, but leaving behind all my friends and the comfort of being at the top of the social food chain is unnerving. Overall, I’d say my primary emotion is definitely happiness. I appreciate everything Keller High has done for me, and can’t wait to come back and visit!

I want to end this tribute with my favorite quote regarding high school: Senator Orrin Hatch said, “Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.” To all juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, I hope you enjoy your remaining years of high school, but remember to also look forward to the future. Go Indians!