Staff Writer Evan Starr

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Over my four years of high school the biggest highlight is definitely baseball. For all four years I have looked forward to practice every single day, and after just wrapping up my senior season losing in the first round of playoffs, I was feeling a mix of emotions. I was pissed that we lost so early, sad it was over, and grateful it happened.

Making a playoff run and possibly winning state senior year was something I was looking forward to since my first day as a freshman. And though neither of those happened, and we never really realized our full potential as a team and lost way early than we would have liked or expected. I love this team and everyone on it. The lifetime bonds I’ve built with the coaches and teammates over the course of this year alone was something special, and as I sit back and reminisce on the past, I am so glad I got to play a small part in the Keller baseball winning tradition.

For the past four years baseball has been my favorite thing about high school. From playing ping pong and eating in the locker room freshman year, to over-competitive scrimmages in practice, having the chance to play the game I love with my best friends every day. High school baseball was good to me even without winning a state championship. It gave me something much more valuable — relationships that will last a lifetime. And ever since the season-ending loss I’ve been reminded — don’t be sad that it is over, smile because it happened.