Staff Writer Amber Wahab

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These past four years of high school were by far the most brutal for me. Not necessarily physically, but definitely mentally and emotionally. I hear many people say how they’ll always miss high school and remember it for the rest of their lives because of all the beautiful memories they made during those years, but not me. Everyday I am trying my hardest to forget these past four years for many reasons. Reasons that are so dark and so painful that at one point I didn’t think I’d make it this far, or even like to see graduation.

However, with all this being said, I can honestly say that I am thankful. With all the trauma and the self-harm came a newly improved Amber Wahab. High school taught me that no matter what pain or heartbreak I face, I am more than capable of making it out the other end stronger and more beautiful than ever. High school showed me that life is not always fair and that my struggles will never really be seen or understood by anyone else but myself and God. And through that I learned that only person that can really save me is myself, with the help of God.

I got to know myself better than anyone in the past four years, like truly know myself. I know the pros and the cons, the flaws and the perfections, and I can confidently say that I know my heart and my mind, the bright side and the dark. I also know that most people can’t say the same. I’m glad that I grew as much as I did because now I know without a doubt that I can make it through college.

As for any other high schooler that is going through a tough time and feels like they’ll never be heard or never matter, know that you’re wrong and that your pain will not go in vain. In order to form a diamond, coal must go through an immense amount of pressure. In order for anything to thrive, it must undergo treatment through a period of time. Time will heal, I promise, and sooner or later you’ll make it on the other end stronger and more beautiful than ever.