Self Worth

Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

Self worth is something that we all struggle with on a day to day basis. We find our identity on things that can only sustain us for a period of time. If we put forth all of our energy in material things we will always come up short. Our focus is fixed on things that will only make us feel empty. Despite what you tell yourself everyday when you look in the mirror you are worth so much more. You are not defined by what the world says, you are not defined by your diagnosis… You are worth so much more! You are not a prodigy of your parents. Your parents mistakes are not your own and those mistakes do not determine your future… You determine who you are and who you will become and how you will belong in the world. Quit settling for the small things and start living… The only opinion that matters is your own. How are you going to live your life? Are you going to settle for the small things in life or are you going to shoot for the stars? It is so easy to get caught up in the patterns of the world. In the midst of the chaos don’t forget how important your impact is and always remember how important your self worth is.