Zoe’s Kitchen: Healthy That Actually Tastes Good

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

Hello and welcome back to another food review. This week we will be reviewing Zoe’s Kitchen. This restaurant is located off of Southlake Blvd near BJ Brewhouse. If you or a friend has a gluten allergy, this place can accommodate those needs! I am a huge fan of Zoe’s Kitchen because the staff is nice, and the food is uber healthy but also delicious. It’s a win win. Prices aren’t too bad either!!

Recently when I went, I got the cauliflower rice bowl with chicken. If you have never tried cauliflower rice, I honestly would encourage you to take a leap of faith here and try it. Essentially it’s just cauliflower made to look like rice, but when it’s added to a bowl with other food I would best describe it tasting like “healthy rice”. The bowl will include the “healthy rice”, grilled chicken or another protein such as shrimp if you chose to add it, sliced cucumbers, dressing on the side, and a few other herbs for flavoring. It sounds very simple and that’s because it is. Honestly, you could make it at home pretty easily. However, simple here equals delicious.

They also offer a variety of other bowls, salads, wraps and other healthy options for a lunch or dinner. I would recommend trying the cauliflower rice bowl, or a regular rice bowl if cauliflower isn’t your thing, or any of the chicken wraps.

Beverage wise, they have a good variety on herbal or fruity iced teas. These are definitely worth a shot as well.

I hope you enjoyed another healthy food review article. If you are hungry, trying to lose some weight, or simply wanna try something new, I would say you should try this place out. Why not? Yolo?