The Pedestrian


Sigfrid Lundberg/Flickr

You’ll never no where your next step will lead you.

Juliynna McCracken, Staff Writer

“The Pedestrian” is a story about someone who enjoyed adventure.

Leonard Mead took pleasure in his walks. It wasn’t until the pedestrian’s encounter with the police that Mead began to question his way of life. Mead was minding his own business at the time of the questioning and was confused by the extreme lengths that law enforcement were going to.

Historical events have shaped our nation. Law enforcement has changed tremendously. People can’t even walk down the street in today’s world without being interrogated by the police. Mr. Mead was not not doing anything wrong. Mead was not breaking any laws. Just because Mead was walking down the street the police were convinced that the pedestrian was doing something illegal.

Have you ever heard the expression “Curiosity killed the cat?”

Today, it is so difficult for people to mind their own business. Respecting the privacy and lifestyle of others is impossible for individuals to comprehend. People are so nosy. No one is capable of minding their own business. Some people just want to be left alone, but it is impossible.

Americans enjoy judging people because of the way they look and by their actions. We often forget that we also have problems. Instead, we choose to focus on the problems of someone else instead of our own. The police found something out of the ordinary and they confronted it. They treated Mead like a problem and tried to take care of it. We often believe that we can fix people. This is false; no one can truly fix anyone.

In conclusion, we should not resort to judgement at any cost. It is crucial to understand that we all have problems. Just because someone lives there life a certain way doesn’t mean that they are wrong. We should not automatically assume that they are breaking the law because of their appearance. Before we do anything, we should ask ourselves how our actions will affect someone else?