Muslim Concentration Camps in China


Amber Wahab, Staff Writer

Many people are not aware of this and it deeply saddens me, for over two years now there have been active concentration camps in Kashgar and Xinjiang, China. Muslims are put in these camps and forced to renounce the Islamic identity and if they do not do so they would undergo extreme torture. A woman survivor named Mihigul Tursun stated in her testimony that “each time I was electrocuted, my whole body would shake violently and I could feel the pain in my veins.”

Tursun was taken to these detention camps three times in her life for a total of ten months. May 2015 was the first time she was taken while at the airport on her way back from Egypt. She was arrested at the airport and separated from her two-month-old triplets only because she was Muslim. Tursun was taken away in handcuffs with a dark bag over her head to a re-education camp and stayed there for three months. The Chinese government released her only to go back to her sick children, however by the time she got to them her oldest triplet had died in her arms.

The second time Tursun was detained was in April of 2017 and taken to another concentration camp where the Chinese soldiers interrogated her for four days. At this camp, she was strapped to an electric chair and tortured. She kept having seizures and passing out so the soldiers released her to a mental hospital. The third time when Tursun was detained was in January 2018, this time she was stripped naked and chained to a table while blindfolded. After a few day days, she was taken to a cell underground with no windows and cameras everywhere, there were about 60 other women in that cell with her.

The prisoners who were held captive because of their faith in Islam were forced to memorize songs, rules, and teachings of the communist party and failure to do so caused them to be starved and beaten. Tursun had met a woman in the cell who was arrested for attending a Muslim wedding but that women died shortly after. Tursun witnessed a total of nine deaths in the three months she was held in this detention center.

Later Tursun was rescued and reunited with her two children that were left and migrated to Virginia. To this day, however, she is scared because Tursun believes that the Chinese government is still after her and has her under constant surveillance. She gets threatening calls from her brother regarding her betrayal because her family is still trapped within China’s laws. And to think that all this is happening solely off of the belief in Islam is truly heartbreaking. May God give these innocent people the strength to make it through this unimaginable pain.  

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