Keller Smoothie Places Rated

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

Hey, guys, it’s Cindy, and seeing as though the ratings on my Valentine’s Sweets story got a lot of positivity, I figured I would hit you guys up with another rating of one of my favorites: smoothies.

First of all, smoothies, like their cousin the smoothie bowl, are a fantastic snack or drink for any time, anywhere. Don’t @ this. Thus it’s important to shine some light on what you’re going to get from the different places nearby so you can satisfy your smoothie cravings in a time efficient way.

Brand new to Keller is Rush Bowls, which is located off of Rufe Snow Drive in front of Moviehouse and Eatery. They are a large chain that has a wide variety of smoothies and smoothie bowls.

You have the option to add sweets as well as protein to your smoothies as well, so you can go either way. The pricing is reasonable and the smoothies come in large sizes equivalent to that of a venti cup at Starbucks. Personally, they are not my  favorite, but I know a lot of people who really enjoy it. I give it a 7/10 for their overall nice ambiance, pricing, and quality of food.

A classic that pretty much everyone knows about is Smoothie King where you can literally go through the drive thru. There are two locations: off 1709 and off Davis. They also offer a wide variety of smoothies and their sizes as well as add-ons for those of you who like to add protein powder. Personally, they’re on the lower end of my list of where I’d prefer to go for a smoothie. 5/10 for their quick service and their angel food smoothie.

Lastly on this list is Juice Junkies. They are located in the Keller Town Center. I have heard mixed reviews about this one. They are a bit more pricey than the rest but I personally really enjoy their smoothies. They also have pressed juices and other organic snacks made in house. I give them an 8/10 for the location, smoothie quality, and friendly staff.

I hope this article can help you make the best decision about where you’ll purchase your next healthy drink. It’s a little biased but most news is. Enjoy! XOXO