The History of Leprechauns

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

As February comes to a slow, dreadful end we arrive at the new month of March. March is full of stormy weather, spring cleaning, and Saint Patrick’s Day! Saint Patrick’s Day is full of people wearing different shades of green, being pinched if you aren’t wearing green, stories of leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows. So what is this whole deal with leprechauns? To start, Leprechauns are known to be a version of a fairy. This version is male and inhabits the country of Ireland. In the olden days, people believed in the myth of leprechauns being a form that different gods took as they wanted to enter the world of humans and live on earth. Leprechauns were the tallest of the fairies. Many people now still believe in the magical legend of leprechauns. A matter of fact, in the island of Ireland, there is a leprechauns fairy watch camera located in Tiperarry. Tiperarry is known as an enchanted area. People visit Tiperarry to see Ireland’s other fairies like pookas, banshees, and marrows. Leprechauns have also been a part of stories that lead them on to be shoemakers. There are multiples of different stories telling the world and mostly the community on the island of Ireland. This Saint Patrick’s Day when you see stickers of Leprechauns, remember the history of the Leprechauns!