Valentine’s Gifts


Gwen Morovitz

Flower bouquets such as these “Stargazing Lilies” can be bought for pretty cheap at Kroger or even Tom Thumb. Adding a Polaroid picture to commemorate the event is even more special.

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many couples are lost on what to get their significant others for the special day. Being the day of romance and love, many couples celebrate in various ways that best suit their relationship and their interests. However, in terms of gifts, the ideas are endless and for the most part universal.

For boyfriends, it’s usually expected that the boy takes initiative and plans the whole evening out complete with gifts and romantic gestures, but many girls don’t need all of that. Just a simple bouquet of flowers and her favorite candy is a simple yet caring way to show someone you love them.

For girlfriends, while traditionally we don’t have to do much in terms of gifts and romantic gestures, it’s only fair to show your significant other the same amount of appreciation he does to you. Surprise him with his favorite candy. Maybe even a hat for his favorite sports team, or something you know he’s passionate about.

Candy, flowers, jewelry, and even giant stuffed animals can all be perfect gifts for your significant other but can also be expensive, especially for teenagers who juggle school, extracurriculars and may or may not have time for a job. Inexpensive gifts are just as meaningful as the most extravagant bouquet or the shiniest diamond necklace. A simple framed picture of the two of you, or even better a whole photo album of your greatest memories together can be a money saving way to show someone how much they mean to you.

Regardless of what your significant other gets you, or whatever gift you choose to make or purchase, at the end of the day Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the gifts and gestures. The “day of love” is dedicated to showing the ones you love how much you care about them, without the materialistic presents and gifts that can take over the holiday.