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Amber Wahab, Staff Writer

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Motivation is what we all live for and what we all crave. Yet for some reason, it is so easy to lose it. Have you ever felt the need to complete a certain task or start a new routine but can’t seem to maintain enough motivation to follow through? Well, maybe you’re looking at it all wrong. All of us have fallen prey to thinking that motivation is some sort of destination when in reality it’s not. Motivation is simply a mindset that we must live by in order to maintain it. I know it’s a lot easier said than done but, that’s why I’m here, to give you “hacks” to stay motivated. Let’s take a common routine that most people struggle at keeping up with, daily workouts.

There’s a couple of ways you could go about maintain your motivation in this scenario, one being keeping streaks and the other, creating traditions. When keeping a streak your main goal is to not skip any days and if you do you have to start over again. This mindset will not only motivate you to work out every day but also create a fun game for you to play with yourself. The other technique is to come up with a routine to abide by. For example let’s say Janett gets up in the morning drinks a cup of coffee, reads the morning newspaper, gets dressed in her work out clothes, run to the gym while taking a prestigious route that she has created for herself and then begins her workout at the gym. The tradition was not getting up in the morning, getting dressed, or even working out, it was the fact that she ran the same route every day. Passing the same trees, stores, and roads created a constant in Janet’s schedule which gave her something to look forward to.

Now before you go off with your newly constructed motivated mindset I have one more piece of advice for you. Motivation is usually the outcome of your actions and not the cause of them. In other words, you’ll most definitely become your own source of motivation just by not giving up.

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