Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

Taylor West, Assistant Editor

Valentine’s Day can be very exciting for those who have a significant other to spend it with. It can be exciting for those who also just get a few friends to curl up on the couch and have a twilight marathon.

Either way, almost everyone does something on Cupid’s day and sometimes it can be a bit tricky trying to figure out what exactly to do. Here are three fun and creative things to do on Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

Arcade Games

Depending on whether or not you and your significant other are competitive, an arcade date can go one of two ways. If competitive, the two of you can have fun trying to win all the games and show the other one whose the true winner. It’s a fun and creative way to channel what may be a problem in the relationship, into something the two of you enjoy. Though if you’re not competitive, going to an arcade is still tons of fun. You can have light-hearted competition and spend quality time with each other while attempting to let the other, very bad, air hockey player win.

Skating (roller and ice)

A great way to break the ice with someone who you’re spending Valentine’s Day with for the first time is skating. While roller skating may be easier for some, ice skating is a fun and quick way to shake first Valentine’s Day date nerves.

Chocolate dipping and a movie

Lastly, the most oddly-picked date for Valentine’s day is chocolate dipping. Together, you and your significant other can stay at one of each other’s house and dip things in chocolate. Instead of spending the money on buying pre-dipped fruit and candy, spend the money on getting cheap chocolate chips from the store and dipping it yourself. This is a great date idea for couples who don’t want to spend all that much money on going out and would rather stay in. For couple who may have spend more than one Valentine’s Day together, dipping strawberries and other things in melted chocolate is a fun way to just enjoy and appreciate the company of each other.