Building Better Habits


Amber Wahab, Staff Writer

So you think you can stick to your new habit? Well, are you still sticking to new years resolution? If so, great! But if you’re laying in bed every night eating half your body weight in ice cream instead of going to the gym then we’ve got a problem. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and I’m sure even you’re sick of not being able to stick to your resolutions whether it be going to the gym, reading more, or eating healthier. However, you can officially say goodbye to your struggles because I’m here to give you some life-changing advice.

For starters, start extremely small when getting into a new habit. Many of us tend to strike at our end goal from day one which ends up setting us up for failure. Sun Tzu, a Chinese general from 500 BC was famous for his book “The Art of War”. In the book he explained his best war strategy, avoid what is strong and strike for what is weak. When you disarm the legs of one they will come falling down, so take this same approach in your newly found habits. Don’t start day one following an Olympic athletes workout routine, or reading five chapters a day, or go vegan just out of the blue you have to ease into it even if it seems too easy.

Another important factor in helping you commit to your goals, surround yourself with people who have the same interests and who will support you. This doesn’t mean to cut off everyone in your life who doesn’t have the same goals as you but, to maybe sign up for workout class at your local gym, or join a book club, or find someone who’s willing to vegan with you. This way you’re not alone on your journey and you’re more inclined to participate because it’s not just about you anymore, it’s about the others that now depend on you. I hope you have fun committing to your habits and may you find ease in accomplishing your goals!