A Biased Rating of Valentine’s Sweets

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

Hello to all of you who clicked on this article because you are interested in knowing what my opinion is over the best Valentine’s candy.

I will go ahead and start off by throwing out a disclaimer that this isn’t meant to trigger any of you because this is 100 percent a biased article! So, please I urge you to continue reading if you want to know what and why certain sweets remain, in my opinion, simply better than others on Valentine’s Day. It’s nothing personal.

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate truffles are a great way to start off your Valentine’s Day. They are simply a classic, and you can get them for super cheap at Walgreens for under five dollars. It’s round chocolate with a soft center, can’t go wrong. There’s about ten to twelve that come in the bag so you can eat it all at once or save some for later. You’ll want to start off with these simple treats to prepare yourself for the more crazy candy later in the day.

Next you’ll want something NOT chocolate, since it’s important to have some variety, obviously. I would recommend Starbursts, because this is the one time of year I know of when they take out all the less desirable flavors like the yellows and oranges and just give you the pinks and reds in a bag. It cleans your palate and leaves you happy knowing you’re eating only the best tasting Starbursts.

To save the best for last, you’ll want to indulge in Shari’s Berries chocolate covered strawberries. They’re more on the pricey side but one thousand percent worth it. No lie.  They have ones with white chocolate, chocolate drizzle, with and without nuts, and many other options. You’ll need to order online, but while you’re ordering for yourself, go ahead and spend thirty more bucks or so to buy one for a loved one because it’s important to show love on Valentine’s Day, as everyone knows. Go ham! Spend extra and treat yourself.

In conclusion, these are my top three sweets to have on Valentine’s Day or really any other day honestly. I hope you enjoy and if not that’s okay too because as mentioned prior, this is a biased article. Happy Valentine’s and happy eating.