How To Build A Snowman


Amber Wahab, Staff Writer

Usually I’m not the one to tell people what to do or how to do things but, considering the fact that there’s barely ever any snow in Keller Texas I thought I would share my snowman building skills I picked up while living in Illinois and Michigan as a child. So, step one, which might as well be the hardest step in this town but, find the perfect kind of snow. Not too icy nor too fluffy but, just right. For step two you’ll need some gloves because you’re going to need to take a hand full of snow and make it into a ball. Add as much snow to the ball as you can with your hand and once you have around a soccer ball sized ball, begin to roll the snowball on the snow covered ground to make your ball bigger. This is going to be the base of your snowman aka the biggest ball. Once you have your desired size you can repeat the same process to create a ball about ⅔ the size of your original ball. Use your hands to slightly flatten the top of your biggest snowball and place the second snowball on top of the base and use your hands to smooth out the edges, “merging” the two balls together. Now the last snowball is going to be the head so you’ll probably be able to make it with just your hands but if the rest of your snowman is fairly big then I suggest rolling the last snowball on the ground as well just because it’ll save you some time. Now that you have you third snowball place it on top of your snowman just like you did with your second snowball and don’t forget to smooth out those edges. Now that you’ve completed the structural part of your snowman, it’s time for the decorations! You can use stones or pebbles to create the eyes, mouth, and if you want to add buttons. Use a carrot for the nose and some twigs for the arms. If you want you can also add clothing by adding a hat and a scarf but other than that your snowman is now complete! So just in case you ever get a chance to come in contact with snow again you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and create the best snowman.