Creative Gifts For Parents

Creative Gifts For Parents

Taylor West, Assistant Editor

One of the best parts of the season is buying gifts for all your friends and family. Deciding what exactly to get each and every person can either be super stressful or tons of fun. Often, getting gifts for your friends is so much easier than picking out what your mom and dad might want for Christmas. Despite living with your parents for your entire life, when it comes down to it, buying a gift for them is one of the most difficult things about Christmas time. Here is a list of the top 5 gifts that express your unconditional love for them.

Customized pot holders

At some point in time, even your parents have to throw away things they don’t particularly want to. One of these things are pot holders. Eventually, they get gross with old food stains and often can stop working completely. A great gift for either of them (if they both cook) is a customized pot holder. By getting something personal like a name embroidered or an inside joke you all share as a family, it’s a good way to show them that you appreciate everything– such as cooking– that they do for you.

Cute mugs

Maybe it’s an old person thing, or maybe it’s an addiction thing, but every parent seemingly drinks coffee. Between your mom using three cups of sugar and half of the creamer on just one cup, and dad drinking black coffee straight because it’s “manly”, a coffee mug is the best way to go. Make their new favorite mug the one you customized.

Fuzzy socks

This one is more for mom, but it is also another one dad would never be caught wearing or secretly love. This gift is the most affordable and easiest to find last minute if you truly cannot find another gift. Mom will love how warm her feet are, and dad will either love (in secret) his fuzzy feet, (or love that mom is no longer complaining that her feet are freezing.)


Parents love heartfelt gifts. Often times Christmas can get very materialistic and the stress on whether or not a gift is “good enough” for someone can be a lot to handle. However, parents will love whatever you get them- especially a scrapbook. By putting together all your favorite memories into one book that they can look back on when you’ve moved out and got your own kids to take care of, a scrapbook is one of the top tearjerker gifts for parents of the season.


Candles are the typical last resort for friends when you don’t know them all that well and accidently forgot to get them a gift. Although, for parents candles are always a great gift. Seen more as a gift for moms, dads across the board secretly love the scent of lavender flowers, (even if they’ll never admit and only light it in the comfort of their man cave).