A Girl’s Guide to Fortnite


Gwen Morovitz, Staff Writer

As anyone and everyone knows, Fortnite has taken over the lives of almost every student at Keller and every video gamer. While I’m not one for stereotypes, it is quite often that we girls find ourselves baffled at why such a thing as a video game can be so addicting and entertaining to our friends and even our significant others.

Regardless of whether you’re genuinely interested in the game, or whether you just want your guy friends or boyfriend to think you’re interested, every girl should know the basics of this widely popular and increasingly addictive game.

Junior Zach Donohue says that Fortnite is such a great game.

“It’s addicting and creates bonds with friends,” Donahue said.

The premise of the game itself is simple enough: a fight for the last man standing on an island full of other players.

While the premise may be simple, there are many aspects of the game and terms that may seem intricately complex for someone who’s new to the experience.

When the game begins, you’re put onto a bus and must choose where you’ll drop on the map. Choosing where to land is an important factor.

“The bus path and depending on what kind of game you want to have, if you want a fast or aggressive game, normally you go to Tilted Towers, if you’re looking for playing a passive game land at Lonely Lodge, Flush Factory or Junk Junction,” Donohue said.

Once you land, the first thing you should focus on is looting, which is picking up guns and shields, health, ammo, and materials. Keep in mind the storm, which is a restriction on the area of play.

Health and shields come in different forms, big, mini, bandages, med kits, slurp juice, and chug jugs.

Building is also important to protect yourself from incoming fire.

“Sometimes being the better builder can determine whether you live or die,” Donahue said.

As Fortnite continuously becomes more popular, it only makes sense to try to learn a little about it and what our age group is quickly becoming obsessed with.