Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

It’s senior year. I’m graduating this month. In less than thirty days, I’ll be out in the real world.

Freshman year was fun. I was a bit of a social butterfly, and really enjoyed all of my classes. Except for math, although Mrs. Grotjan made it more than tolerable.

Sophomore year was…not as great. I didn’t have many friends, I closed myself off, and didn’t enjoy classes as much. But at the end of the year, in creative writing, I met someone who means more to me than I can explain. Allyssa Graafsma is still my current best friend, something I hadn’t had since fourth grade. She graduated last year. It’s been two years, and although I had a really hard time sophomore year, I wouldn’t trade meeting her for the world.

Junior year was better. Allyssa helped me come out of my shell and enjoy life a little more.

Senior year has been a breeze. Christmas break felt like yesterday, and it hasn’t really become real yet that most of the people I talk to today, I may or may not ever see again after this year.

Mrs. Grotjan, I want to thank you for making algebra more enjoyable.

Coach Stramp, thanks for a really cool world history class. I loved watching all those movies and found them really interesting, even if they were mostly fictional.

Ms. Correll, I loved your class so much. I wish you could teach all my history classes.

And last but not least, Ms. Davis, I loved your class a ton. I feel fortunate to have met you and have had you teach me. You and Ms. Correll forever changed my view on teaching and have been a major influence in my interest in becoming a teacher myself. I hope I can one day have the same effect on someone, and open their eyes to potential they didn’t know they had.

Incoming seniors: enjoy your 2019 graduating year. Seriously. Go to football games and pep rallies, don’t feel pressured to go to prom (but certainly go if you want to) and have fun. It really is okay to enjoy high school; hating it just to hate it doesn’t necessarily make you cool. 

Treasure your friends. Thank your teachers. Try and talk to new people, even if you’re nervous. Say kind things to people and ask them how they’re doing. This year really does go by fast. Before you know it, you’ll be walking across the stage under bright lights, with a cap and gown on, ready to go onto the next big thing.

You only get four years of high school. It’s the rising action to your prime time. When we were younger, we watched things like The Bratz, iCarly, Clueless, Ten Things I Hate About You, and The Breakfast Club. The movies that took place in high school that made us excited to be teenagers, when crazy stuff was supposed to happen. We imagined we would all be fashion icons or meet the future love of our lives, or get detention and have a crazy afternoon where we met people we became really close with.

Life has a lot in store for you. Look back on this experience fondly, but not often.