No Photography


Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

What would the world look like without photography? According to  the H & H Color Lab Blog, four major areas would be impacted…

The Economy

What about the economy? The 139,500 photographers employed in 2010 would have to find another profession. Not to mention all of the jobs completely dependent on photography like makeup artists, film producers, models, and actors. That’s a lot of unemployment.

The full economic effect of a world without photography would be a fascinating subject to cover. What else would we be doing? For one, the entertainment industry would be a fraction of its size today. There are only so many people that are needed for law enforcement, landscaping, and basket weaving. Think about the passions you have outside of the photography industry. Chances are, your outside passions are probably heavily influenced by photography. And no, hiking through Europe isn’t a profession.


All of our media would be animated. I hope you like cartoons, because that’s the only thing you’ll find on television. Can you imagine your favorite TV shows turned into an animated series? Even though cartoons have had a tremendous track record of success, characters like Walter White might be much less intimidating in animated form.


Don’t forget about the visions of history and the distant world we are so privileged with. We would only have a vague idea of the world that came before us. Paintings and drawings would be the only way to visualize the ancient pyramids of Egypt without visiting them in person.

You would have no idea what your ancestors looked like. Well, you’d have somewhat of an idea. They probably looked a little like you! Does everyone say you look a little like Grandma Rose? You’d have to take their word for it.

Remembering Faces

The “I can’t remember names, only faces.” people would never remember you. In fact, most of us are those people. Scrolling through our high school yearbook every few years is the only way we would remember some of our classmates. The name rings a bell, but the face triggers the memories.

There’s a perfectly good reason we use photo identification. The use of photo ID’s have made it exponentially more difficult to claim an identity that isn’t yours. Teens would be able to effortlessly sneak into bars with a non-photo driver’s license.

Based on these topics, these areas will be impacted the most if photography did not exist.