How to Keep Going After Spring Break


Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

We all need a little motivation to keep us going after spring break. The days between spring break and summer are difficult, so here are a few ways to do just that!

Reward Yourself

Plan a day where you can sit with yourself and a book and maybe some candles. Disconnect from the world and just enjoy what it means to be you.

Stay Organized

If you’re organized and know where everything always is, you will be much more motivated to do your work rather than if you know you have to search for your work before you can even start it.


No matter how much work you feel you have to get done, it is important to get a proper amount of rest every night in order to be able to put full concentration into your work.

Plan an Amazing First Day of Summer

If you have a specific, incredibly amazing day planned for yourself as soon as you get out of school, the anticipation will magnify, prompting you to work as hard as possible to make the day nearer.

Make Sure You’re Doing Things For You

Nothing can kill a work ethic faster than working on something you don’t care about. See if you can work out a situation where you are doing work that truly matters.

By doing these things, days will pass by quickly and summer will feel as if it arrived in no time!