Why the Heck Would I Study English?

Why the Heck Would I Study English?

Ben Wiche, Staff Writer

You know high school can be a little chaotic at times. Between managing your school work, your social life, and whatever stuff you’ve got going on at home, it’s hard to take in the big picture. So often parents and teachers tell us to think about our future when we can barely deal with our present. So I’ve decided to do the research for you. This is part one of a series of articles in which I interview teachers on the benefits and drawbacks of certain college majors. This time I will be interviewing English teacher Kris Vogel about majoring in English.

BW: Thanks for taking time out of your day for this interview.

Vogel: No problem.

BW: Just to start, could you finish the sentence “I should study English if…”

Vogel: Well, the obvious answer of “if you enjoy reading and writing.” but also just “if you’re curious.”

BW: Are their any jobs for an English major besides writing and teaching?

Vogel: Well, there are tons of possibilities. There are many openings in PR and marketing jobs, as well as jobs such as copy writing and copy editing.

BW: So besides the specific skill of writing, what else does an English degree provide a student?

Vogel: The basic skill of empathy, critical thinking…you know, all the normal manipulation tactics (he smiles jokingly).

BW: So how would you say students should balance the monetary benefits of a career with the passion one has for it?

Vogel: Every passion is really work. There are moments that are work. So nothing’s perfect. But when you’re doing your passion the moments of joy tend to shine through all the moments of struggle.

BW: What do you think about the labor shortage?

Vogel: Students should consider it. I did. Originally I was a journalism major, but then I saw a job shortage so I hopped over to English.

BW: That’s about all the questions I have; once again, thank you for your time.

Vogel: My pleasure.