Flu Epidemic

Maggie Coleman , Staff Writer

As everyone knows, the flu starts appearing in the fall, and continues until late winter. However, this year is different.

The flu has become an epidemic unlike no other. The infection rate has now reached almost eight percent, which is equal to the swine flu epidemic around 2009. The amount of people being hospitalized because of the flu is also the highest ever recorded in 2017-18.

These statistics are troubling and need to be taken seriously. This particular string of flu has been extremely dangerous, with more deaths related to the flu than usual.

One of the most debated flu-related topics is if people should get the flu shot this year. Of course, doctors will recommend it, but is it really effective?

There are different strands of the flu, so it can be a hit-and-miss process. If scientists pick the wrong strand to put in the flu shot, it can prove to be less effective. However, it will lessen your symptoms, and considering this year’s flu is pretty severe, getting the flu shot can’t hurt.

Getting a less severe version of the flu is still better than getting this year’s severe flu. You may not be fully protected, but it’s one more precaution to help make sure you don’t get sick.

There are other ways to help prevent the flu than just getting the shot. Washing your hands, coughing into your elbow, and disinfecting areas that sick people have used are all great ways to make sure you do your part in stopping the spread of the flu.

The flu is highly contagious, so being diligent is key, like wiping down classroom tables. Unfortunately, some kids choose to still come to school even if they’re sick, meaning the flu travels incredibly fast. Because of this, some schools have even had to close down and take a few days to completely disinfect their classrooms.

The flu is no joke. This year’s strand is very dangerous and can even be lethal. Educating yourself about the ins and outs of this year’s flu strand is important in taking action and helping to stop the flu from spreading. Hopefully next year we will be proactive and lessen the blow the flu brings.