“Galentine’s” Day

Galentines Day

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Every year, there are some of us who are star struck and blinded by love and think we have it all. It can be disgusting. At least to those who don’t have those luxuries, all the PDA and love, it’s a lot. It almost feels as if this holiday is meant to rub in the fact that you’re single and, in that moment in time, you feel you are forever alone.

This year, many have banned together and started a trend to stop the loneliness the day can come with; “Galentine’s Day.” Providing the opportunity to celebrate each other and the idea of self love, girls are getting together and becoming each other’s valentine’s providing the love they deserve.

Everyone deserves to feel loved and special and the best source those feelings can come from are your friends and yourself.

Self love is a topic that seems to escape many minds, especially on days when you’re celebrating love that comes from others. So, spoil yourself and remind your friends that they’re amazing and should love themselves. Stuff your face with chocolate and allow yourself to feel like royalty for the day, whether you go out with a group of friends or just one or two, use the time to support and raise one another. And remember, there’s no one who can love you more than yourself.