The Story of the Mysterious Suicides in Japan


Grace Nankivell, Staff Writer

Lately, a suicide forest in Japan (Aokigahara) has been all the rage on the news. Many people, including myself, had never heard of it until Logan Paul got into huge trouble for filming a dead guy.

Unfortunately, the man that was seen in the video was not the only person who has killed himself in this terrifying forest. Over the span of roughly seven decades, 700 people planned and executed their own deaths here.

The year 1950 was when it was all created, and surprisingly, it has stayed making history today. A large amount of people think it was created from a tragedy about two lovers who committed suicide.

This story was written in 1960, but it most likely came from a legend where families would leave their loved ones in the forest because they did not have enough food to put on the table for their whole family. So, as you would conclude, they ended up dying a slow death, and it was later said that their souls roamed the forest, haunting people who entered, making it ten times scarier.

People who are daring enough to explore the forest are unexpectedly greeted by dark caves, trees with large roots sprouting from the ground, holes, jagged rocks, piles of rotting bones and the magnetic iron knocking out their phone signals or compasses. So in the end, their expectations of leaving may or may not come true.

I think the main reason people go there to commit suicide is because its not out in the open; no one will know that they are doing it until it’s too late, deaths have been happening for a long period of time in there. Some people go there depressed but not planning on killing themselves, but since it’s so quiet they get to thinking, “I’m not important; no one cares anyways,” so they end up taking their own life.

Even though there are warnings outside the forest, men and women continually kill themselves. The question that I am leaving you with is — how can you stop your loved ones and neighbors from making that life or death decision.