The Best and The Worst of Winter

The Best and The Worst of Winter

Meleah York, Assistant Editor

Winter. The name just gives you chills, doesn’t it? I personally enjoy this season because I get to wrap myself up in twelve blankets, drink frothy hot cocoa, and hibernate for an entire weekend. It’s true that here in Texas our bouts of winter weather are short and sweet, so we treasure the time we have and pray that there’s snow or an ice day, because no school in the winter means more hibernation time.

Along with the bitter cold comes good things that we all can relate to. On the rare occasion that it snows, Texans act like Jesus himself has descended from the heavens, which is always a funny thing to see. Students in the hallways line the windows just to get a glimpse of frozen water falling from the sky, which is always quite the experience during the boring drone of a school day.

Another great thing about winter is that compared to summer, it’s easier to find comfort. When it’s really hot outside you don’t want to wear long pants or shirts, but even in a t-shirt and shorts I sweat like a cannibal in a courtroom. Texas gets too hot, bro. But in the winter, you can put on multiple layers and prevent yourself from being cold. Sweaters? Yes ma’am. Fuzzy socks? Heck yeah. Beanie? Don’t mind if I do. Fashion is at its peak in the wintertime.

And who could forget about the holiday season being associated with the cold? Sitting by the fire, Christmas decorations; winter is the best, man.

At the same time, winter can kind of suck, too. We dread final exams and being cooped up in classrooms when we’d rather be under our covers wearing a hoodie and sweatpants while watching Netflix. Depression is at its height in the wintertime, since holidays are times where we miss our loved ones, or because isolation is our first instinct as humans when we get cold.

Physical effects of winter can also be dry skin, especially on your hands, which can sting when put under water. Also, the obvious point to winter being kind of terrible, you’re ALWAYS COLD. Seriously. I am chronically frozen literally 24/7; there is never a time where I am not in the warm enclosure of my bed and feeling warm. Either my feet or hands or arms are FROZEN, that’s right people, completely NUMB. And it doesn’t help that these classrooms are -25 degrees.

Overall, winter includes both good and bad attributes, as does every other season. If you’re not that big of a winter fan, then you’re in luck because Texas is now having sixty-degree weather when just a couple weeks ago, the temperature was twenty degrees. So. Spring is here I guess. It’s February. Yes, this is lowkey a Texas weather hate-rant. But I digress.

Enjoy what we have left of our “winter” while it lasts…