Keller, Home of the Indians?

Keller, Home of the Indians?

Hannah Webb, Editor-in-Chief

We’re all familiar with our mascot. We’ve all seen the headdresses and other pieces of Native American culture worn at football games and KHS events. But the question has recently arisen: is this offensive to Native American culture?

Many believe it is. At the KISD board meeting on November 9, members of the Society of Native Nations requested that the school board begin the process of changing the Keller High School mascot, the Indian.

But this debate isn’t a new one. Fifteen years ago, another Native American woman named Mittie Lois Fort Faddick petitioned the school board with the same concern. As she reported to the Star Telegram, some board members “laughed at her” when she addressed this concern.

Those of this view believe that having the Indian as the Keller High School mascot has a negative effect on Native American children because it creates a caricature of the culture as a whole and demeans it.

Obviously, this is one of the most hot-button issues to ever hit Keller, and there are certainly those who have the opposite beliefs.

Keller grads and some current students argue that as we are proud of our mascot, there is certainly no intent to belittle Native American culture or make fun of it. They don’t believe Keller students see the mascot as something to be laughed at.

Both sides have published petitions fighting for their voices to be heard. The petition titled “Keep Keller High Mascot” had about 10,200 signatures as of December 28, and the opposite petition, “Change Keller High School Mascot” had about 1,700.

As this is certainly a highly emotional issue for all involved, it’s up to you individually to form your own opinion on the matter. If you’re interested in learning more about the events thus far, a video reported by the Star Telegram is attached below: