Chris Kringle Jingles Keller High


Abby Tow, Staff Writer

If you attended school anytime during the week before school let out for Christmas break or found yourself wandering around the Ace Hardware shopping center by Whataburger, you may have come across a true legend, and you may not have even realized it. One of our own was spreading holiday joy all over Keller.

Junior Chris Roberts decided that this year he was going to be responsible for at least a fraction of Keller’s Christmas cheer. Wandering into school on those final days was a true struggle for many, with finals and projects and exams about, and coming across a bit of joy was needed more than anything.

Roberts gathered a red bathrobe and some fuzzy white trim, and with some help, assembled a Santa Claus outfit rivaled by none. Paired with a Santa hat and a burlap sack filled with small gifts for all of his friends, he brought some spirit to an otherwise gloomy atmosphere.

”I wanted to give gifts to everyone who was special in my life and what better way to do it than dress up like Santa,” Roberts said. Right he was. His actions made so many people laugh. He has a few critics, though.

“I got chastised a lot, but I did get some compliments, so shout out to the few,” Roberts said.

The people here make every day special, but some students stand out among the crowds, and Roburts sure was one that week. I think we all can agree that he may even have a future career in professional Santa Impersonation.