Memory Project

Gwen Morovitz, Staff Writer

Last month, members of The National Art Honors Society (NAHS) were given the opportunity to participate in the “Memory Project” in order to receive service hours. Each artist was assigned a child around the age of 12 and given a picture to recreate as a portrait.

Sophomore Abbie Simon received the picture of 12-year-old Syrian refugee, Hamzah.

“I chose to do a drawing in colored pencil,” Simon said.

With a beautiful blend of colors and a staggering 8.5 hours of dedication, her outstanding masterpiece was finally completed.

The struggles of Syrian refugees are extremely concerning. It’s sickening to understand the conditions of refugees and their way of life as they attempt to escape the violence from their home country. Projects like the Memory Project draw attention to these refugees who need help overseas.

NAHS has another Memory Project coming up in the spring. The Memory Project Organization sends NAHS different groups of kids from all over the world to be painted or drawn to the young artists’ abilities. With NAHS students and The Memory Project working together, hopefully others will be exposed to the knowledge of what’s happening to children in harsh conditions and reach out to find ways to make a difference.