All I Want for Christmas


The most difficult thing this holiday season is preparing a Christmas list. Many may want a new smartphone, TV, clothes, etc. But personally, me, a utilitarian, prefers to request more practical items, things that can go to good use! So here, I would like to share my Christmas list, so the world may send me these gifts.

  1. Spork.


Sporks are really pretty cool! A spoon….and a fork! #Minimalism


  1. Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, with both sides sharpened.

Me, an intellectual, once got the brilliant idea to have two pencils in one! I don’t have one anymore, my third grade teacher told me it was a “weapon” and confiscated it ): So I would like another one!


  1. A bouncy ball from Walmart.

Every time I went to Walmart with my mom, she never let me get one.


  1. Gun.

To kill my crippling depression.