Times Are Changing for Keller Band

The End of Marching Band Brings More Music, More Challenges, and More Fun for Band Students in 2018

Times Are Changing for Keller Band

Abby Tow, Staff Writer

Marching season winds down to a close, and it seems as if we’ve all had some time to calm down in the band hall. The air is light; the vibes are good. In class this week, we arrived to find the entire band hall had been adorned with lights, garland, and Christmas cheer. The festooned whiteboard mentioned nothing resembling after school rehearsals, Saturday contests, or dot-book checks. The hectic days had ended.

Now, we are in a time of transition. Returning from winter break, the semester will begin with a focus on our UIL concert program. Until then, we’re learning to readjust to a concert setting, how to play more subtle and nuanced music, and how to sit in a chair and play. That hasn’t been the norm in quite some time.

This transitional time coincidentally is one of the most fun times of the year as we prepare for our winter concert. Each ensemble is practicing festive tunes like “Sleigh Bells” and “Russian Christmas Music”, all of which will combine for an hour or two of Christmas spirit for the upcoming season.

It’s a lot to get to used to, but as a band, we’re adjusting well.

Junior trumpet player Rachel Galassini said, “Well, it truly is bittersweet that marching season is over, but I think we have so much momentum going into this next concert season.”

Right she is. Many of us feel the same way. However, as she said, the lull of post-season blues is fading fast. It’s difficult not to get excited.

“It’s probably the most fun concert to play all year because there is nothing better than bopping to the Nutcracker or Sleigh Ride or all the other classics,” Galassini said. “We had to learn the music in only a couple of weeks, but it really marks the start of the holiday season for me.”

Now is a time for us as musicians to use our abilities in our favorite way possible: to bring others joy and inspiration. We inspire each other constantly, and when concerts like these approach with music many of us call our favorites, we truly hope anyone who hears feels a bit of that, too.

Happy Holidays from the Keller Band, everyone. See you in the spring.