When is it Acceptable to Start Celebrating Christmas?

When is it Acceptable to Start Celebrating Christmas?

Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

Everybody loves the holiday season. Hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, warm cookies, and binge-watching Christmas movies is an everyday thing that seems to never get old. We can agree that celebrating Christmas year round would be ideal, but when is it truly acceptable to start celebrating this joyful holiday?

According to a majority of students, the correct time to start celebrating Christmas is the day after Thanksgiving. Every holiday deserves its time to shine, so decorating for Christmas before Turkey Day is just rude! Of course, everybody loves having Christmas spirit and having extra time to enjoy an abundance of decorations and lights, but we can wait until after Thanksgiving, right?

It is definitely extremely tempting to start hanging up wreaths and tying mistletoe everywhere but even with that, there should still be a time for pumpkins, cider, turkey, pie and all things orange. We do not want to rush that! Enjoying and living in the moment and making every holiday break count is important. Different holidays call for different reasons to be grateful, so being patient will just allow for more time of relaxation and fun.

Overall, you can celebrate any holiday for however long you would like; cherish the memories made and the people you make those memories with.