Everybody Deserves to Feel Like Somebody

Hannah Webb, Editor-in-Chief

The sheer quantity of clubs and organizations available at KHS makes for an overwhelming experience for any student trying to get involved. There is an organization for almost everything under the sun: if you like bowling, you’ve got Bowling Club, for writers, there’s Creative Writing Club, and the list stretches on for miles.

But for those who may not know exactly what they want to get involved in, the decision can be difficult. One of Keller High School’s most well-known clubs on campus, Operation Beautiful, has found a way to concretely practice an activity that almost everyone can enjoy: kindness.

Operation Beautiful puts a huge focus on making sure that everyone feels like someone. Characteristics like respect, inclusivity, and kindness define the club’s purpose at Keller. They leave no student behind in their efforts to unify our school community.

“[The mission of Operation Beautiful] is to make people feel like they’re not alone when they walk in the school,” club secretary Bella Scornaienchi said.

It’s safe to say that the club continues to succeed in its mission. Initiatives like last year’s “Party on the Plaza” and the designation of KHS as a “No Place for Hate” campus exemplify the goals that Operation Beautiful continues to strive for.

“Party on the Plaza was our biggest success. [We wanted] to get people out of their normal routine and find new people to hang out with,” Scornaienchi said.

What’s more, the club continues to grow. From its inaugural year in 2013 with a total of two female members, Operation Beautiful has grown its membership to about 300, making the force of kindness at KHS all the more prevalent.

“I would say our biggest success [is] having so many people asking me when the meetings are or when we’re going to get to start doing [a new project]. Everyone’s so excited to do everything,” said club historian Claire Clifton.

So what’s behind such immense success? The dedication of the students involved, the sheer size of the club, and good goal setting all play a role in such success. But the students believe their success starts with their adviser, Lora Folger.

“Mrs. Folger is definitely our inspiration. She gets to into it, so involved, and it just makes everyone else feel like they have someone to talk to,” Clifton said.

Being named one of the ten most inspirational women in Tarrant County by Society, it’s safe to say Folger exemplifies the qualities she wants her students to mirror in the club.

“She could not even know your name and you could say, ‘Hi Mrs. Folger,’ and she’d still be like, ‘Hey, how are you?’” Scornaienchi said.

With 300 members to date, overwhelming achievement of their goals, and one of the most dedicated advisers on campus, Operation Beautiful is only moving up from here. The club continues to set goals for future membership and hopes to keep growing. Despite their growth, the members continue to keep their core mission at heart: making everybody feel like a somebody.