Kat’s Cradle: YOU NEED SLEEP


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

Hey, hey, kitties, it’s Katimeer.

There are some things that are unavoidable in high school: creepy boys having crushes on you, teachers that are unnecessarily extra and scary at the same time, and of course, failing classes because of your social life, your extracurriculars, your other homework, and also the one thing that most of us abuse the most…sleep.

Sleep is literally the best and worst thing that can happen to you in your life. It dulls your pain, whether it be emotional, social, or just being tired. But then again, it puts you behind on literally everything, since we procrastinating high schoolers leave every single thing to the last minute. But you have to realize that planning and scheduling is literally what half of your GPA makes up, mixed with class absorption and participation.  If you plan to work on an essay for two hours, and write it down, it is a lot harder to forget and blow it rather than telling yourself

“I’m going to do my essay at 5.”

“I’m going to do my essay at 6.”

“I’m ACTUALLY going to do my essay at 7.”

You can obviously see where the flaw is in this method of planning. It is spontaneous 99 percent of the time and successful the other one percent, which comes once in a blue moon, so I would not count on it for summative grades, or even quiz grades.

You need to thoroughly plan your work and study time, trading this time in to hang out with friends when necessary, all for benefiting your GPA and your well-being in the end.

Do not trade in sleep for hanging out with friends, and do not trade in sleep for doing your homework.

Doing either of these will cause you not to focus in class, resulting in lower participation in classes that actually matter since you’re so tired. Overall, this results in your GPA dropping because you wanted to spend the whole night studying and all day hanging out with your friends.

Some people may say, “Well, Katimeer, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t even have that great of a GPA; you can’t judge me on how I live my life and how I study.”

This is true; the fact that I am currently 279 out of 710 in my class isn’t that prestigious, but I still hold a 3.8 unweighted GPA, I’m getting offers from plenty of schools and have been called in for interviews to many schools, and I am still holding up more than five extracurricular activities while doing so. Even with all of these activities, I still have time to sit around and watch Netflix on the weekends.

All because I plan, I sleep, and I focus.

It is a cycle that if you do one correctly, you can do it all. You need to plan on when you can study, such as in the cracks of class time where you’re not doing anything, on your off periods before work, or even in the morning when you wake up you could stick in a 15 minute study session. You need to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night, and of course, you still need time with friends, and going out in the world and seeing new people, or, more time to binge watch Netflix.

What I’m trying to tell you, Kats, is that you need to sleep. Don’t waste your time studying when you can sleep, rest your body for a new day tomorrow, and study in increments when you will absorb the most information.

I just want you all to be successful.