How To Be Normal (For Beginners)


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

Hey Kats.

After a few times around the block, you realize you are either one of two people: you are either a stud, or you’re just another kid going around the block. There are times when you feel like you are on top of the world, that you are a stud, that you can do life as it comes to you. Then the other times, you are down in a hole, and you do not believe for one second that you can get out, that you are nothing but you, and you will always be you, no matter how hard you try.

This is a common application onto life. Seriously.

People will always be on top of you, as well as below you. Never waste your time on the people who will not make you the stud that you are. You may not be their number one, but you are someone else’s number one.

But let us get down to what this article is really about: how to be normal. Well, to mix in the beginning of this…


That is all.

Do not be normal, no matter what circumstances. Who cares if you are weird? If it works for you, nobody’s opinions should matter to you, ever. If someone makes fun of who you are and they want to ignore you and exclude you, then it is their problem that they do it to themselves. They are shielding themselves from the world. If they are the worst thing that can happen to them in the world, then they will have a rough life ahead of them because they can’t even handle someone who is a little different from them.

Diversity creates the world we live in it is indeed the reason we have Uber, solar power, people working for the cure for cancer, Amazon, and plenty of other things that would not even be close to becoming obtained if there were no different people in the world.

If the people you are around want you to fit in and shame you for not doing so, then they are the people that will forever be sheep, and you, you are a wolf.

Wolves eat the sheep in their tracks, they know the place where they come from, but they keep running to find the forest of many possibilities, with plenty of rabbits and foxes to eat and to become more powerful. But they always look after their wolfpack when something goes awry.

A lot of people around here think like sheep. They baah, and baah, and baah, staying in their little herd until a wolf is coming to eat them, then the whole herd of sheep scatter, clinging onto the life they have of shock and fear, trying not to get eaten by the wolf.

Why follow the herd of the sheep whenever you could be a wolf? When you can literally run out of your competition as you make yourself better as a person, an artist, or an athlete.

However, people will still shut you down and will spit on you for who you are. It is your job and in your own destiny and fate to never allow those people to get inside of your head. People will try to beat you down because they don’t know you; they don’t care about you.

You have to care about yourself and find the people that will care about your well being and will push you to be a better person through and through.

Be the person who pushes people to be their best and find the people that push others to be their best as well.

So, back to main idea.

How do you be normal for beginners?

Well, it is quite simple.