KHS to Regain Title as Spirit Icon

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Many know Laura Davis as an outstanding English teacher for Keller High School. Others also know her as the Spear-It Crew coach and sponsor who, for two years, has put her heart and soul into bringing back school spirit for Keller.

For anyone who does not know, Spear-It Crew is the group of people adorned in bright white overalls that are decked out typically with gold and navy paint during pep rallies and games, ringing cowbells and making sure the crowd can really get going. They present the “Teacher of the Week” poster and headdress to a teacher and sometimes host games during pep rallies as well.

A few senior members on Crew include the notorious Kate Carlin, manager, Kelci Cope, chief, Allie Coleman, and Becca “Jo-Jo” Kuntz.

“It’s the biggest crew in years,” Davis remarks, checking her roster and confirming the total of sixteen students registered this year.

And one of the biggest differences she feels has had an impact, is that, “I know what I’m doing.”

As seniors and some juniors can account, Spear-It Crew used to don navy coveralls. They would run the freshmen orientation, but other than that, they didn’t leave much of an impression; this is coming from someone who went to every football game as a freshman herself.

“Crew wasn’t expected to survive,” Davis admitted.

A wonderful story of adversity and overcoming, witnessing their current success, wouldn’t you say?

Some people “may not necessarily have a place,” she accounts.

This can’t come as a surprise. After all, it is high school.

“Spear-It Crew is one of those organizations that is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are the most popular girl or guy in school or you are the bottom of your class, there are no boundaries. And because of that, people who aren’t necessarily in the spotlight get an opportunity to be spotlighted,” Davis said. And that’s her favorite part about it.

Crew is notorious for being fearless and filled to the brim with spirit. This is demonstrated by lots of commotion during games, cartwheeling in the middle of the gym before pep rallies, and not being afraid to get riled up for the sake of our school’s entertainment.

“They get to have fun and enjoy themselves,” Davis adds.

The conversation shifts momentarily to a more melancholy tone. “A girl told me yesterday that she was having some family issues, and she says the best part about being in Spear-It Crew is she just..gets to let everything go. She gets to make a fool out of herself because everyone else is making a fool out of themselves.”

Davis, a self-proclaimed goofball, loves “being able to act that way and be accepted as an adult, and know that [Crew] share that same mentality,” Davis says.

So why did they change the coveralls to the blinding white overalls?

“You see a lot more expression,” Davis said. “You can see them from the field.”

It’s Davis’ mark, or at least a very small part of it, to begin with. “I want for it to maintain size.” She begins to elaborate on her hopes for Crew going forward. “It helps promote spirit.”

She tells me sometimes we lack that as a school. And I can agree; Crew can save the day.

“I want to return Keller High School to its spirited glory. And I want our school to bleed navy and gold. If I can get Crew to embody that, […] then I’ve done my job,” Davis said.