Help for Houston: Keller Student Starts Donation Drive for Harvey Victims

Hannah Webb

Hannah Webb, Editor-in-Chief

Hurricane Harvey struck Houston on August 25. It was estimated that damages could cost up to $180 billion dollars. In the face of such unspeakable tragedy, the importance of Texans pulling together to combat the aftermath of Harvey was apparent. One of our own Keller High School students, Allie Garriott, provided a shining example of what it means to give back to one’s community and started her own donation drive for Houston.

The idea first took root in Garriott’s head on the Sunday after Harvey hit when she saw pictures of the damage that had been done in the coastal region. As the Twitter community blew up with startling descriptions of destruction and messages of love directed towards Houston, Garriott knew she had to take action.

“I just broke down crying [when I saw the pictures]. It hurt my heart so bad to see other Texans suffering like that, and I knew I had to do something,” said Garriott.

This small, spur of the moment idea soon turned into something much bigger. Garriott first began texting in her senior modeling group chat, asking if anyone had any items they would be willing to donate. She then began to share her request for donations on social media. From there, Garriott’s project blew up. By Monday, only a day after the idea had bloomed in her head, she already had 9 boxes of donations.

“People started messaging me and thanking me almost instantly. And my response was always, ‘I’m just doing what anyone else would do,’” said Garriott.

The donations began to pile up in her house as more and more people from all over the Keller community responded to Garriott’s call for action.

“My parents were a huge help; they let the donations take over our house for a little while,” said Garriott.

The effort to help Houston soon expanded to other groups in Keller High School. Garriott was contacted by Student Council, wanting to partner with her and get her project to take off at KHS. When all was said and done, Student Council, NHS, and the Swim and Dive Team had all joined in the effort to help Houston.

“Garriott’s passion for service was inspiring. She came into my leadership class and spoke with such poise and humility…She is going to be a game changer in whatever she pursues in the future,” said Student Council adviser Kaylee Criswell.

Throughout the project, Garriott has truly been adamantly humble. She wants to emphasize that this wasn’t solely the product of her effort, and she thoroughly believes that she couldn’t have done this without the help of her parents and Criswell.

“Stepping back and seeing all of the donations that Keller High was able to bring together was so amazing, and it was so much more than I ever imagined,” said Garriott.

Initiatives such as Garriott’s are what set Keller High apart from other schools in the community. Our Tradition of Excellence continues to shine through the actions of our students, and Keller High School is proud to have students with hearts for service like Garriott.