There Are People Out There

You Have Friends; You Just Have to Know That.


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

Hey, Kool Kats, welcome to the first of the senior year edition of “Kat’s Cradle.” There is something I have denied to all of you for the past three years and I hope you understand.

I have walked these halls, people have come and gone, summers and lovers have come and gone, the perils and the stress are ever so apparent around me; it never stops. People say to never give up, to have stamina, to focus, to have so many things going on and to keep yourself busy so you look good to the real world. I have tried so hard to make this place the best it can be for myself, I have tried coming in every morning with a smile on my face, however there is just so much a person can do.

Over this summer, I went to Los Angeles for two and a half months, working on movies, working on writing, working on me. I tried to stay away from people, I was scared that they would never understand, that they would never hold up. Who would want to be around me? Does anybody know that I exist? Little did I know that I had the answers.

I was surrounded by good, passionate, caring people. I refused to believe it; I refused to believe that people like this even existed in the world, much less in my own life. I felt cared for; I felt like I was actually a piece of the puzzle; I felt like I worked and I belonged.

I belonged to people.

I belonged to something larger than myself and it would not be the same without me no matter how hard I tried to believe that I am just another cog in the machine, that I was easily replaceable.

That was the one time in my life that I was wrong about people. They are not the blood-sucking people that only create problems, but they solve them, too.

There are so many beautiful people out in this world, there are so many beautiful places: the forests, the cities, the plains, the deserts, the streets; they hold memories and stories that are gateways to the minds of people, unlocking the inside meaning to a person.

Did you ever realize that people are so beautiful, but shy away from the imperfections and scars and stories that make them who they are?

I did, when I came back to Keller.

I realized that the stories, that the heroic, stoic, and jester-like character that embodied me elsewhere was absent here. That the strength and silence that I can carry in one place means the voice of a coward in another.

Here, in Keller, I am nobody.

But in Los Angeles, I am somebody.

My Kats, this is my lesson to you this time around. Even though you may not be someone here, even though you are not the top of the pack here, even though you may not be the coolest or smartest or greatest here, there are people out there that will love and appreciate you for who you are; you just have not found them yet.

The people that will only bring you up in life do exist; go out and look for them.

I am sure they are looking for you, too.